Can a famous alma mater break through the fate of the loser?

in recent days, the encounter of Wu Jihong, a 94 year old student of Renmin University of China, has formed a climate on social media.

Think about it.

In those days, the students in small places could be considered as “tianzhijiaozi” when they were admitted to Renmin University of China.

Unfortunately, in the era of not wide employment options, if the public examination can not break through, it can only go back to the countryside to earn a living.

After all, the children of ordinary people have no support except that people are capital.

All these objective class chains and the atmosphere of the times can achieve is poverty.

It’s easy to understand.

Five children’s mother, what kind of experience is the dilapidated adobe house.

Fortunately, Wu Jihong is lucky.

In this era of social media prosperity, her poverty and past can be magnified by her alumni and comprehensively perceived by “famous alma mater”.

Therefore, the final warm report of the media: “the six children of the girls of the National People’s Congress are destitute, and the school visits thousands of miles: get back to their major and work in the archives.”. Unfortunately, such a thing is still only a kind of accidental sample, not a “welfare sample” rooted in society.

From the perspective of practical influence, the key factor to promote the event itself is “famous alma mater”.

If it is replaced by “Lanxiang technical school”, the result may be totally different, even though they are all “famous schools”.

Seeing a lot of comments and evaluating Wu Jihong’s incident from the perspective of the community, I think that this warm and timely, not to give a moving people’s award, are sorry for this era.

Indeed, this is an event worthy of attention, because there are too many people in the society who have fallen, they need not only care, but also survival.

However, after such an event, only psychological consolation can be given to the people who have fallen.

As for the real popularization of social welfare, there is still a long way to go.

After all, not everyone who falls has the blessing of “famous alumni” and the protection of “famous alma mater”.

From this point of view, Wu Jihong’s cultivation is really not shallow, because too many accidents happen at the same time, which for ordinary people, even if it is a big lottery.

I’ve always thought that it’s luck to rely on the surrounding rescue.

How to rise a comprehensive welfare society is the real salvation.

Of course, we do not advocate excessive “giving fish” because “giving fish” is the real welfare.

Recently, many people have discussed that a large number of welfare will lead to the formation of a lazy society, which is necessary, but welfare itself should be to save those who are struggling in the survival line, whether it is material assistance or skill training, should be reflected.

Also living in the countryside, Wu Jihong is really destitute.

However, many rural people are not only poor in material, but also destitute in their bones.

As long as the government subsidizes the purchase of flowers, they have no ambition and career.

It seems that scolding the street in the sun and playing mahjong in the rented house are life and career.

There is no meaning of contempt here.

I have lived in the countryside for many years, and I know what I can’t do.

Therefore, in many cases, the meaning of “saving water and fire” is not that rice and flour can solve the problem, and the poverty in the bones can’t be solved.

Even if we eat high blood pressure, we still can’t open the situation.

Of course, the vast majority of subsidies are insufficient to meet a person’s basic living expenses.

As for Wu Jihong incident, no matter what the future may be, we have the freedom to explore the path of community.

However, it is difficult to stand up and see the shadow to change the cruelty of reality.

The matter of “famous brand alma mater” saving students is actually a routine with the story of saving children against the old mother.

The key is whether there is energy to stimulate the generation of this power.

Otherwise, even if Wu Jihong’s future life is very smooth, it only represents her own salvation.

Those silent “Wu Jihong people” living in the mountains and forests are still the epitome of extreme poverty.

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