Why do you burst into tears when the female teacher of the post-90s died of cancer?

always urges the whole line to lament when it comes to young men and women dying.

The topic of “post-90s female teacher died of cancer” on social media was surrounded by powerful people, and the stream of forwarding and comments surged.

At that moment, “heaven has no pain, heaven has no cancer” was instantly fixed.

As if everyone has been to heaven, dare to affirm the beauty of the paradise.

The young female teacher, one month before her death, was still in class on time, which was not in line with the logic of human nature, but in line with the force of living a self.

So, even if you are a ghost, there will be people who are sad and happy, full of positive energy, really a pair of cool tea to relieve the heat.

After all, those who dare to fight against fate and the gods of death will surely be the flag supported by the melon eaters.

This world is very strange, oneself is not strong, hope to appear “pig is strong”.

Their own troubles are always bitter, but the misery of others can turn into a beautiful rainbow.

Let everyone linger and shed tears.

You say how cheap, how cheap, how cheap.

Yes, many people are mean.

They are too mean to distinguish right from wrong.

They can’t understand sadness and happiness.

As long as the aesthetics hasn’t been killed, the trial of misery will continue.

It’s not clear whether the media is deliberately exaggerating or the classroom is too beautiful.

Young female teachers have been exhausting their lives in the classroom.

To tell the truth, this story is very beautiful and cruel.

I have always been very strange, why other people’s tragic, always in the eyes of others to form a kind of sad beauty.

And it’s the aesthetic posture.

I have always had a premonition that the comment area of general consciousness yells that “heaven has no sick people” and “people with full mouth and full genitals” are the same kind.

In the face of the strong, they are instantly bestialized.

If they can’t make it, they will use swearing.

In the face of the weak, they can be compassionate.

If they can’t help them, they will cry down the Great Wall.

But this is clearly a logic of self deception and deception.

Why can it express such exultation and sadness? What kind of disease is it? Yes, the extreme of onlooking is to make white affairs into red affairs, and to be able to be red in the end without blushing.

The world is talking about health preservation, but those who can follow suit are always the most afraid of death.

Under the pressure of public opinion and the shouting and fighting of the market, they still remember that life is the most valuable and the face is the cheapest.

After all, health has to pay a price.

If you can’t walk on the big road or jump in the small garden, you can’t close your eyes even if you die.

People always say that they are bereaved, but if the world is not bereaved, how can it live like a human being? If it is not bereaved, how can it face people who die early? It can also make a bright voice.

What kind of world is it? Why do you always cry, but you are hysterical.

The transformation of human nature is often in a moment, the second before the micro blog, is still full of sadness.

the second after the subway, began to change the salty pig hand.

Tears do not dry, light nose, three days, who can distinguish you are hot, or tears.

Perhaps, it doesn’t matter whether it’s human or not.

It’s just that the parents of the young female teachers are suddenly confused.

The death of her daughter is a fatal grief.

There is no more difficult heartache for the white haired to send the black haired.

Unfortunately, they are also ordinary people, unable to escape the tide of the same voice and sound of the vast “trial tragedy.”. In this way, there are “strong children” and “disguised children” in the mouth of parents.

Even the media deliberately enlarge the sensational golden sentence.

“Mom, I don’t cry.

What are you crying for.

Some people die as soon as they are born.

I have lived for more than 20 years.

“Sister, it’s good that parents have two children.

You should take good care of them later.”. For these, all I can touch is the beauty of her death, the beauty of her soul, the beauty of everyone’s social media.

However, we forget the instinct and the dignity of life.

Death is never beautiful, even praise is to ease the fear of the living.

Heaven is always far away, no one can touch it in advance.

Put down your vigilance to the people around you, put away your intimacy to strangers, and be a normal person.

Cry when you need to, and never cry when you don’t.

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