Why does the “thank teacher banquet” become students’ distress?

Why does the “thank teacher banquet” become students’ distress? With the end of the college entrance examination and the high school entrance examination, some students have achieved good results, so all kinds of thank-you banquet have been born, and some hotels have also launched a high price “thank-you banquet”.

Some parents repay their teachers’ kindness for their children, and choose the high price thank-you banquet to thank them without frowning! For these behaviors, they can be very ugly.

You should know that if Xie Shifu expressed them with the high price of “Xie Shiyan”, it would seem too vulgar.

Naturally, as for Xie Shi, many people think that the more grand it is, the more respectful it is, but the fact is the opposite.

The purpose of teacher Xie is only a reward for the efforts made by the teachers.

For the students who have achieved good results, it has been proved by their achievements.

For a real educator, good results are much better than a meal of teacher appreciation.

But in reality, it often happens again and again, and even the phenomenon of comparison is very serious.

Many thank you banquet have changed completely, and become a banquet of comparison and communication.

Isn’t it sad to change the original pure friendship between teachers and students into a successful communication? Recently, it was reported that Zhu Xiaozhu claimed to be a student of Shenzhen experimental Chenghan school.

She said that after the examination at the end of last month, someone in her class 903 sent a message to parents to hold a grand thank you banquet.

Why is it grand? Because the price of teacher Xie’s banquet is too high: each student should pay 1200 yuan.

Xiaozhu thought that thanks to teachers were originally given by students, but this thank you banquet was not only expensive, but also mixed with parents, which made her feel very bad.

The school doesn’t know, so, as the invitee, does the teacher of class 903 know the truth? For this reason, the school asked teacher Chen, the head teacher. Mr. Chen said that as early as one month before the middle school entrance examination, some parents told him to hold a thank you banquet, but he refused at that time. Mr. Chen told reporters that in the past several graduation classes, some parents also proposed to hold a thank you banquet, but he has always been opposed.

He didn’t know the details of the banquet, except that the main organizer was Ms.

Zhou, the chairman of the family Committee of the class.

In fact, Xiao Zhu’s view is pure, because Xie Shi was originally a kind of communication between students and teachers, but now he is joined by the so-called “family committee”, which is inevitably a little different.

The founding Committee may be no stranger to some parents nowadays.

The existence of this dispensable team has seriously damaged the balance of school education.

The existence of family committee makes a class become a social model, in which show off, comparison and other ugly.

Originally, the existence of the family committee is convenient for the communication between parents and teachers.

Nowadays, many of the existence of the “family committee” has changed.

Some time ago, a working parent complained to me.

For example, the “family committee” decided how much each student should pay, but she didn’t want to give the money, and she was afraid to say that her children were not gregarious.

Afraid of being bullied at school, I finally decided to pay for it, even though I was very reluctant! Therefore, for the school, the “family committee” should be cancelled.

This social force often changes the purity of the campus.

Some members of the family Committee use their own social communication and flattery means to implement.

As a result, the children who grow up in such an ear and eye rendering environment are fully integrated into the adult world.

Generally speaking, for the high price thank teacher banquet, the teacher pushes the responsibility to the “family committee” to seek self-protection.

Relatively speaking, in the face of this unreasonable “thank teacher banquet”, as a teacher, it should be stopped, because it is not as simple as thank teacher, and this kind of luxury has broken the atmosphere.

But for most teachers, it’s a smile, because according to his or her words, it’s hard to be generous.

But for teachers, how can it be a teacher’s behavior to teach students to be frugal on a regular basis, but not to say anything in the face of the “priceless Teacher Appreciation Banquet”? According to the screenshots provided by Zhu Xiaoxue, the budget of this thank you banquet includes not only the cost of the dinner party, but also the gift, thank-you plaque, and venue arrangement fee of the teacher, totaling more than 37000 yuan.

Faced with such a high cost, some parents hesitated, but the organizers were very active.

Xiaozhu revealed that some of the students in the class had poor family conditions.

The organizer’s action clearly meant to kidnap their parents.

In fact, who is responsible for the family Committee set up in the class today? It’s often some housewives who have better conditions for doing nothing.

These women always try their best to show their social status.

They organize this and that every three to five, and the teachers enjoy it.

But they forgot that in a class, the conditions of each family are different, there is a gap between the rich and the poor, and it is impossible for them to be suitable for each student.

Some family committees pull relationships for themselves through organizations.

What kind of impact will this ugly behavior have on children’s early contact? And the existence of the family Committee, some of which are embarrassed to say for the teacher, but in my opinion, such a “family committee” in the school should be cancelled, otherwise it will bring great harm to the school atmosphere! Xiaozhu revealed this priceless “thank you teacher feast”, which may be regarded as a “traitor” in the eyes of parents and teachers in this class.

But I want to praise Xiaozhu here.

Because many students in China lack this kind of courage, face the ugly behavior, live with the situation, and follow blindly.

It’s not that they don’t know, but that they don’t have the courage to oppose.

And Xiaozhu students can stand up, at least brave students.

If we educate more students like this, the price of Teacher Appreciation Banquet will be reduced! But at present, we need to know that it is not enough to rely on brave students like Xiaozhu to stand up without restriction.

In fact, for the organizers, it shows people’s level to hold a price appreciation banquet.

But in my opinion, it is the opposite.

It is a very vulgar behavior.

You have turned the original pure friendship between teachers and students into a price appreciation banquet.

It is not only the distress of poor students, but also the hat of a teacher in vain.

Therefore, thanks to teachers can be expressed in other ways.

For this kind of banquet, no matter parents, teachers or students, they should refuse it! Because, this has been a high price thanks teacher banquet thanks only luxury and injustice, what will the rest? tinyOfficial account No.

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